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Read. Create. Grow.

We provide an end to end and powerful solution for all book readers and authors.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

With Right Execution, Great Things Can Happen

Amatuers is a dream project of ours. We are the company behind Inkuisitive - A Book Reader Platform like no other. Our product is creator-centric and made with a lot of love. Our partner services with Inkuisitive makes it an unique and exclusive product. 

What We Offer

We offer Inkuisitive Application - A Web Monetized enabled E-Book reader so that we don't come in way of creator payments. Apart from that, we offer Inkuisitive Creator Studio is tailor-made for budding authors.  To top it all of, we also have our own store where creators can sell their books

Application Like No Other

Inkuisitive reader is made keeping in mind the shortcomings of the existing applications. We provide a platform for reading, sharing, and connecting with book enthusiasts. 

Creator Studio

Our creator platform is customized for book authors just starting out.  E-book metrics from our application serves as a metric for publishing houses so that talent is bundled with quantified data.  

Smart Way to Earn For Your Work

Our application is Web-Monetized - which means that we don't get in way of your art's money. Instead of that, we charge a small nominal fee to access our catalogue.  

Publishing and Selling

We partner with publishing houses so budding authors get the best deal for their work. To top it off, authors can sell their books in our store, with a small cut going to us.


Built for Creators, by Creators

We have made the platform keeping in mind the need of the creators - that's why we offer a new financing model for creators - welcome to the world of Web Monetization, a new age digital payment model. Web monetization ensures that creators get paid what they deserve. We won't take cut from your work. Promise.        


Secure Payments

Liberal by Choice

What Our Principles Are

100 % of the work we do is driven by passion . Even with a really small team (only 2 of us),  we love what we do on our childhood dream. 100 % is also the dedication that all of us show for this project.

Vision For The Future

People that share our vision do not care about their position. At Amatuers, we believe in in flow of information and ideas rather than positions. Amatuers has a lot of plans for the future, and position entitlement is not something that should stop us from achieving those goals

No Entitlement of Position

We at Amatuers are all about giving back to the society and environment. We make sure that our practices do not harm the environment. We also have planned charity events and book drives from our various initiatives.

Serving the Society

Explore Our Pricing Options

Inkuisitive charges a small platform fees which gives access to our wide catalogue of books and all the goodies that come along with it. Pricing is customizable and membership can be cancelled anytime - It can't get simpler than this. 

  • Best Value


    Every month
    The All-In One Platform Fee
    • Access to all digital and audio books
    • Vote for Creator of the Month
    • Unlimited Local Storage for digital books

Creativity has no bounds. Explore your inner author and get started today with Inkuisitive

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